Preventing Discovery Problems

The following describes some preventive practices to do when you discover a mixed vendor / mixed class network

1. Manually telnet to a device to verify that you have the correct authentication information.

2. If you know the device, look at the config and verify that the SNMP community string is correct.

3. Discover the device.

4. If there are any problems with any devices, then telnet to any problem devices and verify that telnet works / authentication is good.

5. If there are SNMP problems, use this application’s SNMP tool.

To verify SNMP and WMI connections are working between Redcell Synergy and the devices in the network, use the following tools.


1. Open MIB Browser in UI

2. Select RFC1213, system, from the RFC Standard Mibs branch

3. Fill out the Authentication tab

4. Select the device tab and information will populate as soon as the query is answered.

There is no task bar running, but failures will eventually timeout and a pop up error will be presented.


1. Launch the wmiutil.exe command line tool from \owareapps\wmi\bin\"

2. You need to supply a user and a password along with an IP or hostname

Typing wmiutil.exe with no arguments returns launch the WMIUtil User Interface.

c:\Dorado\owareapps\wmi\bin\wmiutil.exe -user <user> -password <password> -host <IP or Hostname>

Typing wmiutil.exe ? at a command line returns what parameters are available for the command line version.

Even if you do not need a domain to log into your WMI device, the graphic interface for this utility does not work if the domain field is blank. Any content will make it function correctly.

See WMI Troubleshooting Procedures and Additional WMI Troubleshooting for additional details.