Network Monitoring

You can monitor your network’s performance two ways.

• Scheduled polling-based monitoring is more reliable, and specific. It also has a lower impact on network. It may, however, lag behind network events.

• Event-based monitoring (typically Traffic Flow Analysis, syslog and SNMP) is more up-to-date, but, can be less reliable. It also can not disclose the root cause of a problem).

Using Redcell Synergy’s features, you can create alarms and reports for each. Thorough network engineers use both polling and event-based protocols. They tune the polling frequency and event granularity for the specific environment, topology, bandwidth, and notification needs.

Creating a baseline performance measurement report of availability, capacity and performance can provide the basis of capacity planning and proactive network management.

Reachability may vary by protocol (for example, Telnet works, but not ping), so test multiple protocols. You can also phone the affected site and ask what is going on.