Fine-Tuning Debug

To fine tune debug further, create a file, whose name ends in log4j.xml in the owareapps\installprops\ser­ver\conf directory with the categories you want changed. If the class does not exist within the log4j file, add it and set it to debug. Changes preserved in such a file remain in place until you change them again, and are not overwritten when software upgrades occur.

To increase logging levels to DEBUG, change WARN or INFO to DEBUG in categories like the following:

- <category name="com.dorado.redcell">

- <priority value="WARN"/>

- </category>


- <category name="redcell">

- <priority value="WARN"/>

- </category>


- <category name="RedCell">

- <priority value="INFO"/>

- </category>

To see what categories are available, look in \oware\jboss-x.x.x\server\ oware\conf\log4j.xml. This file concatenates all logging categories, but is generated, and should not be changed.

When application server starts, it detects logging levels in these categories and concatenates them into the server's log4j.xml from *log4j.xml files in the server\conf directories of installed components under owareapps.

When it starts, application server processes logging for components in order of their dependency, and overrides any detected settings from a file whose name ends in log4j.xml in the installprops directory.

This software applies detected changes once a minute. The log4j file scanner can then detect any subsequent changes up to a minute after making them. The server.log is not truncated when this occurs.

The following are additional categories where you can make logging level changes:

For Mediation Server registration with App Server, add the following category:

<category name="com.dorado.mbeans.OWMedServerTrackerMBean">

<priority value=“WARN"/>


For SNMP and Syslog, change INFO to DEBUG in

<category name="com.dorado.core.mediation">

<priority value="INFO"/>


To view debug output:


Debug does not appear in real-time in the application server shell (if you have one). View real-time and historical logs in the oware\jboss-x.x.x\server\oware\log directory.


View debug in real-time in the client shell. View real-time and historical logs in the owareapps\redcell\logs directory.