Unix Issues

The following are issues with Linux or Solaris installations:

• You must have root access on Unix to patch check your installation, but do not install as root.

• Sol_install.sh will be sol_inst.sh when you have the issues described in File Issues.

• When manually starting the MySQL database, Solaris/Linux (executed as the root user) uses this command:

/etc/init.d/owaredb start

You should see the following response in the shell where you execute this command:

Starting MySQL[ OK ]

• See #1 Startup difficulties for Solaris installations only and #2 Startup difficulties for both Solaris and Windows installations for solutions to startup issues.

• If you are having problems with discovery, and see errors on startup similar to the following:

[com.dorado.core.mediation.snmp.SRSnmpEventReportDispatcher] (Thread-36 RecvTrap Exception :


at com.dorado.core.mediation.snmp.SRSnmpSession.nRecvTrap(Native Method)

at com.dorado.core.mediation.snmp.SRSnmpSession.recvTrap(SRSnmpSession.java:733)

at com.dorado.core.mediation.snmp.SRSnmpEventReportDispatcher.run(SRSnmpEventReportDispatcher.java:96)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)


ERROR [com.dorado.core.mediation.syslog.OWSysLogListener] (OWSysLog.Listener Received a null SysLog message. SysLog port may be in use. Shutting down SysLog listener.

You may be able to solve this issue by increasing the available memory on the entire system or lowering the heap memory used by Redcell Synergy, the former option preferred.