Service/Policy Troubleshooting FAQs

Service Integrity Check

• When you right-click in the Service or Policies portlet, Maintenance > Integrity Check checks the service targets to see if they are still in the database. Are these targets just physical resources like ports or subinterfaces?

Whatever the target is for the service, most typically this is the router itself.

• Will Redcell Synergy do this check when you invoke it? For example, if an equipment discovery finds a port is gone, will that flag the service as compromised or is it only flagged when Redcell Synergy runs the integrity check on the service?

You must run the service integrity check, there is no connection between general device resync and services.

About Services Discovery

• Are altered services flagged as compromised if service rediscovery detects services in the network have been changed manually is some way (for example, a different VLAN assignment), or does the Redcell service just get aligned to what is in the network? How would a user know it was different?

Services in database get updated to what is found on network. Here are the potential outcomes:

--If Redcell finds a “provisioned” service in the database, but not on network, the service is flagged as “Not Found.”

--If data found on network does not pass validation, the service is flagged as “Error”

--If the data on network is different than what appears in Redcell’s database, Redcell saves the new data and versions the previous configuration, updating the Last Modified field. Users can compare/diff versions and revert to previous version through the application. Service Discovery Job/Audit trails log the creation of a new version and that the service was modified.

Depending on what actually changes, a new service may get created. If a key field changes, then what is discovered is a different service. Redcell cannot distinguish that VRF1 was modified to VRF2. These are therefore two different services. In such a case, Redcell marks VRF1 “Not Found” and creates a new service, VRF2.

• How do I discover pooled resources into Redcell pools - with service discovery? with equipment discovery? other?

Service discovery, through the creation/update of services maintains the pool allocations used/required by those services. Redcell Synergy requires no separate pool discovery.