Server Information

You can see mediation and application server information in JMX Console. The URLs for this console:

Mediation Server JMX: http://[mediation server IP address]:8080/jmx-console/ (for stand-alone mediation servers)

Application Server JMX: http://[application server IP address]:8089/jmx-console/

Some information visible in these consoles:

Is a mediation server active or standby? -- Open the JMX console for the mediation server, then click PollingEngine and view the Active attribute. If true the mediation server is primary, if false it is standby.

To which application server is mediation server posting data? -- In the mediation server’s console, click ClusterPrimaryDesignator and then view the AppServerPartitionName attribute.

List active subscriptions and targets -- Click PollingEngine, then invoke the getSubscriptionAndTargetInfo operation.

Is mediation server writing polling results to the spool file?  -- Click MonitorPollingHandlerMBean and then view the DataBeingWrittenToSpoolFile attribute. While there you can also see the most recent time the med server posted data to the app server (item 7) by viewing the MostRecentPostTime attribute.

When does a server skip execution and what is the total number of skips? -- Click PollingEngine and then viewing those attributes. While there, you can also see the last time the server rejected execution and the last time that happened.