WMI Troubleshooting Procedures

The following sections describe troubleshooting common WMI problems. To monitor with WMI, the following must be true:

• WMI must be enabled on the remote server and functioning properly.

• The remote server is accessible through a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) connection to run WMI queries.

If your system does not meet these conditions WMI displays an Unknown status.

Examples of what may prevent the above can include the following:

• Not having local Administrator rights on the monitored host.

• Firewalls blocking the WMI traffic.

• An operating system not configured for WMI.

• An error in the credential password.

To help diagnose these issues, test the WMI services, the remote WMI connections, and the Redcell component configuration.

The following topics provide troubleshooting assistance:

WMI Troubleshooting on the local host.

Testing Remote WMI Connectivity

Verify Administrator Credentials

Enable Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Configure Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and User Account Control (UAC)

Add a Windows Firewall Exception for Remote WMI Connections

• Checking the Authentication portlet to ensure correct credentials exist.

Finally, if these troubleshooting tips are not enough, see Additional WMI Troubleshooting.