Testing Remote WMI Connectivity

Ensure WMI is running on the remote, monitored host. This is similar to WMI Troubleshooting on the local host described above.

1. Click Start > Run, enter wbemtest.exe and then click OK.

2. Click Connect on the WMI Tester window.

3. Enter \\Target_Primary_IP_Address\root\cimv2 in the field at the top of the dialog box. Replace Target_Primary_IP_Address in this entry with the actual host name or primary IP address of the target server.

4. Enter the appropriate administrator user name in the User field, the password in the Password field, and NTLMDOMAIN:NameOfDomain in the Authority field. Replace NameOfDomain with the domain of the user account specified in the User field.

5. Click Connect.

6. Click Enum Classes.

7. Select the Recursive radio button without entering a superclass name, and then click OK.

8. If the WMI class list appears, remote WMI is functioning correctly. Skip to the next topic and validate your credentials.

9. If the list does not appear, remote WMI is not functioning correctly. Continue reading this topic for guidance on restoring remote WMI connections on the target server, and retest remote WMI after completing each troubleshooting step.

11. Click the Close button, and then click Exit.