Avaya Device Prerequisites

You must do the following for this device driver to function correctly with Avaya devices.

When changing SNMP settings Avaya recommends stopping and restarting the agent.

• Enable SNMP v2 on the device (under Alarms > SNMP Traps)

• Ensure the SNMP community strings match on the authentication in Redcell Synergy and on the device (Alarms > SNMP Agents).

• Mediation Server (or Application Server, if enabled as a Mediation Server) must be allowed access on the device, either through its specific IP address(es) or by checking Any IP address under Alarms > SNMP Agents.

• Security > Firewall must have SNMP, HTTP and/or HTTPS, and Telnet and/or SSH enabled both as Input and Output from the Server. If Redcell Synergy collects SNMP Traps and syslog messages, select those for Output from Server only.

• You must confirm, or start, the SNMP agent (Master Agent) on the device under Alarms > Agent Status.