Setting Up RTCP

The following describes setting up RTCP with Avaya devices. Do this on the Avaya Media Server with the Media Server's Management Web Interface using a browser (for example, Internet Explorer) to access the IP address of the media server. For an S8300, S8400, S8500 use the server’s IP address. For the S87xx, use the active server IP address--not server A or server B but the active server address. When accessing the web manager, after logging in, navigate to the Maintenance Web Page to see the following menu choice:.

When changing SNMP settings Avaya recommends stopping and restarting the agent.

• Enable SNMP v2 on the device (under Alarms > SNMP Traps)

• Ensure the SNMP community strings match on the authentication in Redcell and on the device (Alarms > SNMP Agents).

• Mediation Server (or Application Server, if enabled as a Mediation Server) must be allowed access on the device, either through its specific IP address(es) or by checking Any IP address under Alarms > SNMP Agents.

Security > Firewall must have SNMP, HTTP and/or HTTPS, and Telnet and/or SSH and RTCP enabled both as Input and Output from the Server. If Redcell collects SNMP Traps and syslog messages, select those for Output from Server only.

• You must confirm, or start, the SNMP agent (Master Agent) on the device under Alarms > Agent Status.

After modifying the alarm and security areas of the web manager, you need to access the Communication Manager command line interface (CLI) using telnet, the Native Configuration Manager (from the main web management page) or use Avaya’s Site Administration software. If telnetting to the CLI, choose the w2ktt terminal type upon login. You must have a Communication Manager login which may or may not be the same as the web manager login and password.

Execute and change the following:

1. Change system-parameter ip-options and specify under RTCP Monitor Server the:

• Default server IP address = Redcell Synergy Application server IP address

• Default port = Must match what you put in Redcell Synergy

• Default RTCP Report Period = you can leave at default

• Enter/submit the changes

2. Change ip-network-region x (for every network region that pulls RTCP information)

• On page one, make sure that RTCP Reporting is enabled.

• Under RTCP monitor server Parameters,

–Use default server parameters (this uses the parameters you set up on the system-parameter ip-options form)

–If you want to specify a separate server IP address, specify it under server IP address and server port

–Enter/submit the changes.