Brocade Devices

Redcell will not telnet connect to some devices if they use the factory default password. You must set the password to something other than that default. Redcell does not recognize the additional prompt asking that default password be changed each time log in occurs.

Follow these steps to update firmware on the non-RX devices:

1. Download the firmware update (.zip file) from

2. Extract that zip file to the download directory of the External FTP file server Redcell uses.

3. Create an empty file named release.plist and load into the Redcell OS Image manager.

4. Deploy that image, selecting the device and release.plist file loaded in Redcell. To deploy the image, select the device(s) and select the release.plist file in OS Manager.

5. Remove any remaining files before attempting the next Brocade firmware update.

You cannot deploy these updates using Redcell’s internal FTP server.

For RX devices, download and deploy firmware updates as you ordinarily would, registering the OS image in the OS Images manager (see the OS Images section of the RC Synergy User Guide), and deploying it to either a device or group with the action menu.