Discovery Issues

Discovery may fail if its parameters do not match the configuration of devices discovered. Here, the results panel typically displays the message No Devices were detected with selected Discovery Parameters. Some potential sources of this trouble, and their solution:

• Equipment with management IP Addresses in the selected range does not exist. Correct the selected range and retry.

• The equipment in the selected range has already been discovered.

Managed devices can only be discovered once. Those devices that have already been discovered will be listed in the Discovery Results section of the Discovery Wizard.

The state of previously discovered devices can be updated by selecting Action - Resync from the Equipment Inventory.

• The SNMP community strings on the equipment do not match the default values used by this application.

The SNMP community strings public for read-only and private for read-write are included as default authentications, but may not match those on the equipment you are trying to discover. If that occurs, discovery fails. Devices unreachable using the selected SNMP authentication credential appear listed in the Current license doesn't support following devices section of the discovery results.