Adaptive CLI FAQs


The following describes troubleshooting steps from installation to execution of this application. Installation logs are in the directory $OWARE_INSTALL_ROOT. Log files are setup.log, app_setup.log, and db_setup.log (this last log does not appear if you install an Oracle database).

Because this software installs in many different settings, and permits many add-ons and options, not all troubleshooting tips may apply to your installation.

The following sections describe Windows and general troubleshooting. For issues in Linux and Solaris installations see Unix Issues.


Suggested mini-troubleshooting steps:

1. Refresh the browser.

If that doesn’t work:

2. Stop and start the web server and/or application server. Command lines for this:

startappserver / stopappserver

/etc/init.d/synergy start / /etc/init.d/synergy stop

3. Stop and start the browser.

If all else fails:

4. Reboot the host and re-start the application server, web server and browser.