Upgrade from 6.0.4 to 6.1.2+

This upgrade path is largely automated. After backing up your database, simply install this version over your previous version (6.1.1, or 6.0.4). With some limitations data and features previously configured should be available in the new version. Read the following for some notes about specific application features upgraded. You do not have to be concerned with upgrade behavior for these if your system does not include them.

MySQL Issue

Start the application server between versions because running it performs some minor migration steps within a release (6.0.X to 6.0.Y, for example). Start redcell to manually scan your setup and make sure that everything appears OK after the migration step, before proceeding to the next migration.

Active Config to Adaptive CLI

Since Adaptive CLI reworks and expands capabilities from Active Config, it does not preserve data from the latter. To keep Active Configs you created previously, export them from the Redcell client (select an Active Config, then use File > Export) before doing an upgrade migration, then re-import them after the upgrade.

Export and re-import only the Active Configs you created. Do not export system, or driver-supplied Active Configs. These are already upgraded in the new version and should be automatically seeded when you upgrade. Since you cannot export Active Configs individually in 6.0.4, delete the system Active Configs, and any other unwanted ones, before exporting. On upgrade, old Active Config group operations are not supported. They are deleted.


You must run resync on Extreme devices after migration to capture the correct OS versions for features, including discrete configuration, for these to be accurate after an upgrade.

Icon Changes

Some vendor icons are not the same from version to version

Policies and L3 VPN

The Redcell Policy manager is no longer available. Any provisioned VPN that has Policies attached will no longer have any associated Policies in the database after an upgrade.

Security Policy

If you want to take advantage of the new security capabilities Maximum Logins per UserId and Session Inactivity Timeout, upgrading may omit these capabilities from the application. To use them after upgrading, run the following script in an oware shell:

owlaunch com.dorado.core.security.OWSecuritySeeder -s -o


On an upgrade if the WMIBean.exe or WMINotification.exe is running, the upgrade wizard fails because it cannot write to those files. You must kill those processes before upgrading, or if prompted during the upgrade to continue the upgrade.

These processes may linger when you shut down application server with Ctrl-C.