Manual Migration

The following requires manual migration (typically, export, then import) from 6.x versions:

Discovery Profiles -- Version 7+ no longer supports multiple networks in the profile, so migrating from previous versions whose profiles support multiple networks means those profiles are not well formatted.

SMTP settings--re-make these in the Quick Navigation portlet.

Saved topologies / visualization--Since this is completely re-designed, you must re-make any topologies. Plan ahead; take screenshots.

Command monitors--Commands have a different reference structure. You must install external scripts to a referenced location rather than loading them in the database, then configure the monitors to refer to them.

Group Operations-- Deprecated, replaced by Adaptive CLI.

Scheduled items-- Some must be re-scheduled.

User Names / Passwords, and User Groups (Roles)--These are not automatically re-assigned, and must be manually re-created.

Traffic Flow Analysis--Data (6.1.15 and before to 6.1.16+)

Custom Adaptive CLIs--Re-make these.

Associating Adaptive CLIs as destructors--The “Negate“commands for configuration ACLIs are no longer supported in 7.x. Naming ACLIs so the “constructors” and “destructors” sort together is a suggested alternative.

Details and Adaptive CLI--These replace Discrete Configuration which does not migrate.

Performance--These capabilities have been completely reconfigured. You must
(re-)create dashboards from scratch.