Upgrading from Previous Versions


Upgrading is a process for migrating data, converting database content to be compatible with updated software. Please review release notes for your new version before assuming migration is necessary or possible. Not all upgrades require migration tasks, and migration is not possible to all versions.

New software is not always capable of using data from older versions. Some data may be lost to the application or cause system errors if not properly upgraded. This migration process is designed to extract legacy data while the old software is operational and then transform this data to be compatible with the new software. You may follow the steps outlined here to preserve existing data when upgrading. Since migration is performed against the database, you only need to do this once for the entire system.

When upgrading, you must upgrade all the clients and additional (application and mediation) serv­ers since they all need to run the same version of code.

Restart / Resync Between Version Upgrades

After each migration stage, start the application server and redcell client, and resync discovered devices. This is especially true for upgrading in stages (5.3.8 to 6.0.4 to 6.1.2).

Licenses and Upgrades

If you are upgrading your software, you must install licenses for any new functionality (see Installing Licensing). If you have downloaded a standard package, but are upgrading from a previous system with upgraded capabilities--for example, the rights to manage more than the standard number of devices--you may also need to upgrade that standard package’s licenses.

Recovering licenses--Dorado Software can provide licenses to replace any lost or misplaced on request.

Updating license keys before upgrade -- Use the same channel to get the upgraded license.

You can contact the Sales rep that provided the license, contact Dorado Software or call the Dorado Software help desk, or submit a trouble ticket requesting a license upgrade.

When you license new features, you must restart the application server.

Upgrading from previous versions may change device Model numbers. You may need to change any pre-existing filters that refer to model numbers.